"The Wish Writer" (2016) - Based on 2015 Macy's Commercial. 18 pages.
Leo's first screenplay, this chronicles the story of one girl who had an unforgettable Christmas, through her generosity to others - with a little help from some magic - and how this magic was able to reward her. 

"The Sun Shines in Heaven" (2017) - Inspired by a True Story. 44 pages.
This tragic drama chronicles the story of a proud political leftist who learned what kindness truly is from a little girl, and how together they found a way to keep a troubled world together in the face of a great tragedy. 

"Fearless Girl" (2017) - Based on the real-life statue in New York and a 2015 Always Commercial. 36 pages.
Leo's personal favorite of his screenplays, this captivating story of feminism and friendship tells a story of three souls brought together - a boy, a girl, and a statue of a girl - who together teach their city an important message. 

"Surviving Middle School" (2017) - Based on characters and situations from the book by Dave C. McGrail. 41 pages.
This somewhat comedic take on the choices every sixth-grade girl goes through during their first year of middle school is the most closely based of Leo's screenplays on a source material. 

"Someone to Bring Me Home" (2017) - Based on 2017 Macy's Commercial. 22 pages.
This dramatic story takes place in a sleepy cliffside town in Massachusetts, where a boy receives a gift - and uses it to make a friend. Featuring Leo's original song of the same title, "Someone to Bring Me Home" is a tearjerker that will delight all ages.

"Girl on Fire: The Legend of Sheryl Strongheart" (2018) - An original story partially inspired by "Star Wars".  78 pages.
Far away in space and time, an eight-year-old girl named Sheryl Strongheart and her friends  embark on a quest to restore harmony, peace, and gender equality to a galaxy that lost it after the cruel actions of an evil governing body. Featuring starships zooming through space, a fast-talking female space pirate, and a whole lot of girl power!

"When You Think About Seuss" (2018) - A new version of "Seussical the Musical" by Stephen Flaherty. 60 pages.
If you ever performed Seussical as a school play, enjoy this fresh new take on the classic Broadway musical and the works of Dr. Seuss...even featuring a young Ted Geisel as a character!

"One Shining Moment" (2018) - A story of real people in fictional situations. 97 pages.
A boy from New York, a girl from Maryland, a man from Indiana. In an unlikely set of circumstances, these three people are brought together in San Antonio against the backdrop of the 2018 NCAA basketball championship...where their dreams are realized.

"Christmas in Charlotte" (2018) - A new musical with original book, music, and lyrics by me. 93 pages.
Twelve-year-old Cameron Brayburn is losing touch with his childhood and contemplates his future as his family spends three weeks in December with relatives. When he finds out that his younger cousin Edie possesses a magical item, they are swept into a whimsical and musical adventure.

"Moonlight Over America" (2019) - A new musical with original book, music, and lyrics by me. 79 pages.
In a story that speaks to all ages about the Department of Homeland Security's abusive treatment of migrants, we follow a young girl who learns that her friend may be caged and her parents returned to Mexico.  When an unexpected visitor arrives one night and promises to help her save her friend, our young heroine embarks on a journey of label-less love, self-discovery, and revelation of what it truly means to be American. 

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