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Oh No, No Posts This Year So Far!

Look, if you quit my blog when I went five months without any new stuff, come back. Because I've assembled an evaluative list of something I started thinking about roughly a month ago: Major Causes of a Work of Media Being Better Remembered for Something Else Besides its Actual Content. Meaning, when people remember a work of media, or they hear its name, they remember it solely, or at least primarily, for something other than what was genuinely written into it as its content. When this happens, it is usually one of eight things that are remembered over the content. 1. Controversial casting choices. This usually comes in one of two forms: casting a white actor as a non-white character, and casting a non-LGBTQ actor as an LGBTQ character. Ghost in the Shell , the 2016 movie, is a recent example of this, when a white actor, who I will protect the privacy of by referring to as Garnett Johnston, played an explicitly Japanese character. Sometimes it happens the other way around, an