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Top 10 Worst Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is a great film series, but it's had its fair share of terrible characters - and not all of them have been in the prequels. This list is not meant to show that George Lucas is selfish and hates his fans (I've heard of Star Wars fans who think that) but, rather, that in all eras of Star Wars (movies, TV shows, expanded universe) there are terrible characters that lack creativity in their creation. 10. The Guavian soldiers, or as they're better known, the "Target troopers" from Episode VII. Target seems to love their Star Wars as much as their  megaphone-wielding moms , and the Guavian soldiers from The Force Awakens just feel like product placement in their character design - all red, but with a design that looks like a Target logo on their head. 9. Jar Jar Binks. I actually don't think he's that bad, but I'm pretty sure that if I didn't put him on this list, Star Wars fans would stop reading my blog. Jar Jar may have ruined the

An American Carol: A Short Story for Tough Political Times

In the year 2026, a corrupt president not named Donald Trump, whose political party we will not tell, sits in the Oval Office closing up work for the day. He closes down work on his presidential actions, all of which have been much worse than Trump's. He has banned immigration outright. He has raised taxes on non-white males. He has even bribed Congress to let him off the hook numerous times, even after he has assaulted other people. He's even bombed his own nationally treasured locations and framed the people he resents. He is hated by his own country. He has become unpopular in a way Donald Trump never was. His impeachment is only prohibited by his repeated bribes to Congress not to impeach him. Unpopular with even his own party, he has brought out greed and jealousy in the political system. He does not think highly of Trump, but only because even Trump is not nearly as xenophobic and unpopular as he, and to an extent his country, is. He finishes his work for the day, s