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My Top 10 Favorite Songs with Words

It's high time I wrote about music on this site, and also I've been blogging for several months now, and so I think it's time to count down my top 10 favorite non-instrumental, non-John Williams tunes. Here they are. And there will be no seagulls on the list. Be prepared for a list mostly made up of charity motivation songs and other musical equivalents of Very Special Episodes. 10. "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift (2014). I don't particularly like Taylor's music, but she sure is good-looking. This is one of her only songs I find myself actually liking. The song's message paired with Taylor's looks make this a good #10. 9. "The Greatest Discovery" by Elton John (1994). This ballad of a baby boy being born was on a CD I listened to a lot as a young child. I think it's the nostalgia of childhood that makes me like this song so much. This also qualifies as a charity motivation song, since the CD it was on was released with sal

10 Board Game Tie-Ins I'd Like to See

Recently there has been a surge of licensed board games like Transformers Risk, Marvel Guess Who, and Harry Potter Clue. With that rush to slap your franchise onto a popular board game, there are a few tie-ins of board games that need to happen but haven't yet. Let's look at some hopes for hilarious board game tie-ins and/or adaptations that need to become real things, in no particular order. 1. 2-Player Risk: American Presidential Election Edition. Considering that last year's presidential election might have been the second American Civil War, it would be a fun exercise in teaching about the American political system if this was real. You'd have a Republican army and a Democrat army, and they try to rule enough states to get the 270 to win. Unrealistic but cool. You could have it in schools for educational purposes. 2. Healthy Land. It's like Candy Land, but for parents worried about their kids' health. Watch as your kids have fun tromping through a land o

Emergency Christmas Post in July

I don't usually do any sort of Christmas in July, unless you count writing, and like Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass, most of my writing winds up being Christmas-related, such as the new version of the "Nutcracker" that I am working on and "The Sun Shines in Heaven". But since I do so much writing and most of it winds up being holiday oriented, it's time to discuss something I came up with recently so you can read my writings and see this in them: The 5 Types of Christmas Specials. Yes, there are different TYPES of Christmas Specials, and I divide them into 5 categories based on what they present the "True Meaning of Christmas" as. TYPE ONE CHRISTMAS SPECIALS  present the True Meaning of Christmas as the Biblical True Meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus. Well known examples: A Charlie Brown Christmas TYPE TWO CHRISTMAS SPECIALS are the most common. They present the True Meaning of Christmas as the fact that it is better to give than to

10 College Football Bowls With Awful Names, Past, Present, and in One Case, Future

Very soon I will be posting my 2017 college football predictions on this blog. I'm not telling you who's going to win the national championship. Okay, okay, it's Alabama, because they can never go two years without winning one. But now let's talk about the bowl games. Everybody knows about the big ones (the Rose, Sugar, Orange, etc.) but if you're running a two-bit bowl like the Frisco Bowl or the Pinstripe Bowl, this post on regrettable bowl names is for you. There are 39 bowls in college football but I wish there were still only twenty-something (that's how it was when I was born) and now they all have sponsors. So here's my list of college football bowls of the past and present with awful names, presented by 1. Any bowl named after the city or state in which it is played.  Fort Worth Bowl, New Orleans Bowl, New Mexico Bowl, Arizona Bowl, St. Petersburg Bowl...but my favorites are the Las Vegas Bowl, which used to be played in

10 Worst Wheel of Fortune Fails

I usually tune in for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! every night, be it on NBC in Charlotte, FOX in Ocean City, MD, CBS at Litchfield Beach, SC, or ABC in Columbia, SC. (Both shows are syndicated.) But Wheel of Fortune has been pretty outrageous lately. Here are some relatively recent mis-solves of puzzles that I found hilarious. 10. Solution to the puzzle: "Corner curio cabinet" Missolved as: "Corno curo cabinet" He mangled the words. 9. Solution to the puzzle: "Mythological hero Achilles" Missolved as: "Mythological hero Aikyllus" (The entire puzzle was solved, the guy just had to call it out, and he mispronounced "Achilles". You have to pronounce every word correctly.) 8. Solution to the puzzle: "Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy, and Sleepy" Missolved as: "Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Sneaky, and Sleepy" There's no dwarf named Sneaky. 7. Solution to the puzzle: "Self portrai