If I Were to Make a Sitcom, This Is What It Would Be

Sometimes I wonder... why can't life be more like a sitcom?

Life should be both of the two major types of sitcoms. It should start out as the family comedy and becomes the friends-in-an-apartment comedy when you grow up. I'm only 15 but I am a sitcomologist without an official sitcomologist card, so I decided to conceive an idea for a sitcom that I could relate to. It's a friends-in-an-apartment comedy called "The Odd Man Out".

"The Odd Man Out" centers on a young man who moves into an apartment complex - and is roommates with four young women. As you can guess, hilarity ensues. With that simple premise, I could do anything!

Maybe I'm a long way from actually making "The Odd Man Out" happen, but at least I've partially laid out the characters:

Clark: The main character. A man stuck in an apartment with four giggly girls. Center of most of the episodes. Clark has a good heart but a short temper. Only reason he doesn't move out of the apartment is because he wants to give the girls a chance, and occasionally finds himself attracted to one or more of them. Clark cleans himself a lot. He also is quite skilled in the kitchen.

Karoline: One of Clark's four female roommates. A health nut. Pet peeves include junk food and people spelling her name with a C. Also loves her smartphone.

Shana: One of Clark's four female roommates. To her friends she is Shay. Afraid of many things but not everything. Best joke-teller of the gang of five. Most annoying characteristic is her high-pitched scream.

Lix: One of Clark's four female roommates. Dreams of being a parent. Obsessed with productivity and decluttering. Never really knows what the solution is in the face of a problem. Tries to plan ahead, often fails.

Jessie: The last of Clark's four female roommates. Loves art and music, also loves to learn, especially from online education programs. Wants to be a teacher.

Laura: The twelve-year old girl that lives with her single mother across the hall. Appears occasionally, usually with her mom.

Bob: The super of the building. Only man Clark sees in his life on a regular basis. Sometimes stops by the apartment where most of the action takes place to hang out.

And thus you have my main cast. I love the idea of this show. I hope someday it'll get made and it will be the next Seinfeld or Friends or Big Bang Theory. It's just a bunch of ideas floating around now. But with a snappy title like "The Odd Man Out", and likable characters, it might just come to fruition.


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