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Leo Finelli's The Nutcracker

Leo Finelli’s THE NUTCRACKER Plot Outline The Setting: Modern America, One Cold December Night The Plot Act One : Eleven year old Clara and her eight year old brother Fritz join their parents in the living room of their home, awaiting the arrival of the guests at their annual Christmas party. The Stahlbaums live a cozy middle class life. Soon guests begin to arrive at their house. The children play while the adults talk. Soon the guests begin to play on their digital devices. Suddenly, the digital devices fizz out. A mysterious caped man enters. This is Clara’s grandfather, a magician named Dr. Drosselmeyer. Drosselmeyer gives everyone small candy canes, then gives Clara a special gift, a Nutcracker - a small toy soldier that can crack nuts in its teeth. Drosselmeyer then presents a life size dancing doll which dances for the children. Drosselmeyer also leads the children in a sprightly jig and dances for the families at the party. Everyone begins to get tired aft