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Hero's Journey

Money is the root of all evil? Dirty dealings World chaotic without money system Money, Power, or Fame THE HERO’S JOURNEY - Frozen The Ordinary World - Elsa and Anna play The Call to Adventure - Elsa and Anna separated The Reluctant Hero - Elsa and Anna both show fear about doing what they want to Mentor - Mentor is inside Anna, and she gets over her fears Crossing the First Barrier - into the mountains Tests, Allies, and Enemies - meeting Olaf and Kristoff Approach the Inmost Cave - getting to Elsa’s palace The Supreme Ordeal - Elsa freezes Anna’s heart Reward - knowledge from the trolls The Road Back - return to the kingdom Climax and Resurrection - Hans attacks, both Anna and Elsa find true love (can be with siblings) Return with the Elixir - Elsa and Anna gain a new friendship, Elsa unfreezes kingdom THE HERO’S JOURNEY - E.T. The Ordinary World - E.T. collecting Earth plants, Elliott doing “normal” things The Call to A