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The Cashier

THE CASHIER A certain cashier on aisle four was suddenly distracted By footsteps coming toward him. His customer then acted. “Before you check my items, sir,” the customer declared, “I’d like to point out something you’ll be grateful that I shared. I’ve seen you once before, sir, I can’t remember when, But for a wacky reason, I am glad to see you again.” “What’s that you say?” the cashier said. “You’ve seen me once before? Well, I’ll bet a measly cent that it was here on aisle four.” “It wasn’t, sir,” the other said. “I hope you know just why I have this notion in my head. Were you a passer-by?” “That’s probably the truth,” then said the man who was cashier, “How sure are you, oh customer, that it just wasn’t here?” “I’m very sure,” came the reply. “And to a high degree, If you start thinking high enough, you will remember me.” The second customer in line, a fireman was he, But he was off his job, and he didn’t want to be, Behind a place where