"The Wish Writer" (2016) - Based on 2015 Macy's Commercial. 18 pages.
Leo's first screenplay, this chronicles the story of one girl who had an unforgettable Christmas, through her generosity to others - with a little help from some magic - and how this magic was able to reward her. 

"The Sun Shines in Heaven" (2017) - Inspired by a True Story. 44 pages.
This tragic drama chronicles the story of a proud political leftist who learned what kindness truly is from a little girl, and how together they found a way to keep a troubled world together in the face of a great tragedy. 

"Fearless Girl" (2017) - Based on the real-life statue in New York and a 2015 Always Commercial. 36 pages.
Leo's personal favorite of his screenplays, this captivating story of feminism and friendship tells a story of three souls brought together - a boy, a girl, and a statue of a girl - who together teach their city an important message. 

"Surviving Middle School" (2017) - Based on characters and situations from the book by Dave C. McGrail. 41 pages.
This somewhat comedic take on the choices every sixth-grade girl goes through during their first year of middle school is the most closely based of Leo's screenplays on a source material. 

"Someone to Bring Me Home" (2017) - Based on 2017 Macy's Commercial. 22 pages.
This dramatic story takes place in a sleepy cliffside town in Massachusetts, where a boy receives a gift - and uses it to make a friend. Featuring Leo's original song of the same title, "Someone to Bring Me Home" is a tearjerker that will delight all ages.

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